Fire installations

Types of systems we design, supply, fit and commission.


Fire Fighting

We can supply particular extinguishers to match the class of fire out-breaks most possible.



Fire detection & alarm

A Fire detection and alarm system is a wise pre-caution and requirement to have in all habitable buildings and storage structures.

We install Standards-based category (fire) alarm systems that demonstrate a professional service with an installation of the highest grade-quality detection capability. Ideal for all residential or commercial properties which provide complete protection for a host of environments, from large to small scale premises. We can install complete fire alarm systems or add detection to an existing system, we have the skills and experience needed to guarantee flawless results that you can feel safe putting your trust in. We can design bespoke fire alarm systems to your individual requirements and specifications ensuring they are installed to comply with current fire safety legislation and insurance requirements.

Property protection

A fire alarm system for property protection must operate effectively in early detection, and signal an alarm to alert fire fighting services. A direct link to the fire service is usually required.

Life protection

An effective system must signal and/or sound an alarm in good time to allow building occupants to evacuate or take appropriate action. Controlled access doors must open automatically, and remain so, during a fire alarm event.